Australia Wide Furniture Freighters is an Australia wide company who offer Local, Country and Interstate services.
We offer different services at different prices. For this reason we ask that you contact us if you require a firm quote. In order for us to provide a firm quote we will require details about your particular job.
If you simply require a price guide please phone Luke for an approximate price.
Our local service is offered on an hourly rate but in saying that a firm quote is also available. We offer a 2 or 3 man team to give the customer the ability of choosing their preferred option.
While it is cheaper for you to do your own packing. Australia Wide Furniture Freighters do provide a pre packing service. Boxes and packing materials can be provided upon request, at a hire rate or purchase fee.
When we are charging an hourly rate our clients can take comfort from the understanding that our team will work hard and efficiently, also we will not take lunch breaks etc on the time you are billed. (yes we may stop for lunch or a coffee, but we will not bill you for that time)
We do not believe in charging clients for the travel from our base to the address where the job begins. Therefore the price starts at your door! These little features are things which many of the big well known companies do not offer.
Please be assured that when dealing with Australia Wide Furniture Freighters, you are dealing with a family owned, family operated and very much family orientated business, who provides a professional service, with old fashioned values.
 Australia Wide Furniture Freighters Hourly Price Guide.

 $120 per hour + G.S.T