Packing & Preparing for your house removal, helpful tips.
The first tip we would like to point out is that we operate different sized trucks. Each Truck is suited to different jobs and locations. Our biggest truck with trailer is 19 metres in length and 3.5 metres in height. Good access is required for this truck and trailer.
Our 15 Tonne truck is BIG. This truck has a trailer which is also available for big jobs. While it is fantastic for moving furniture of typical 4 to 5 bedroom homes, it can be too big for some areas and some premises due to access constraints. Please keep this in mind for those people who may live in a street where load limits apply or where access is limited, the 15 tonne truck may not be suitable for your particular job.
Our Smaller Trucks are 23 cubic metres and suitable for smaller jobs and tight access.
At Australia Wide Furniture Freighters we believe in assisting our clients in every way we can. We have compiled this page of helpful tips to give you some advice and friendly reminders on some of the things that will contribute to ensuring your move is as comfortable and simple as possible.
Some of our tips and suggestions may seem extremely obvious, but sometimes the "obvious' things are the ones overlooked or forgotten.
The first tip is to organise yourself a notepad several weeks before your planned move. Keep the notepad handy and "when ever" something important "pops" into your head (regarding things to do for your move) Be sure to write a note in your pad so that you don't forget it later on.
The notepad will also come in very useful for keeping records of what has been packed where..... By this we are suggesting that perhaps you should devise a numbering systems for your boxes so you know what box goes where.
For example, if you label all of the boxes that are filled with Child Number One's Bedroom belongings differently to the boxes filled with Child Number Two's belongings it will make things far easier to ensure boxes are placed in the correct room of the home you are moving to. It will also make it easier "if" you need to find something in a hurry as you will have a reasonable idea of which boxes to look through first.
Where possible pack 2 or 3 weeks prior to your planned move. Remember to pack as much as you are able to, without interfering too much with your normal way of living. Keep all essential items and maybe 1 or 2 luxuries aside until the last day or so.
Ensure that you have plenty of packing boxes and material. Boxes, paper, bubble wrap, cartons, containers, bags, string and packing tape.
* Note: If you decide to use newspaper for packing, please keep in mind that the ink/print from that newspaper can rub off onto the items it is packed/wrapped around. This may not be an issue for items which you are intending to wash/clean when you arrive at your new home.... but do keep this tip in mind.
Boxes are always preferred to bags. Bags can be easily torn as well as they may be difficult to stack.

Suitcases are similar to boxes in that they are quite good to stack, and they are well suited to moving. Where possible use your suitcases to pack as many of your clothes etc as possible.
Please ensure that you do not overfill your boxes and cartons, remember that they have to be lifted and stacked. Each box should be of a comfortable size and weight which will make the whole moving process much easier and safer.
Following on from the above tip, do try to ensure you do not under fill boxes, a half empty box may cause the items to wiggle/shift around and also a half empty box could be more prone to collapse.
Remember to defrost your fridge and freezer the day before your move. If possible try to use the perishable items from your fridge in the weeks leading up to your planned move. All kitchen appliances such as fridges, freezers and also washing machines that often hold water should be drained and allowed to dry before your planned removal.

Most beds and many other large household furniture items may require to be dismantled to get through hallways and doorways. Where possible dismantle what you can a day or so before your planned move.
Your food should be removed from cupboards and packed before the move. Ensure that all caps and screw fittings on jars and bottles are secured tightly. It may be wise to place some items inside a plastic bag before putting into the box to prevent accidental leakage onto other item.

Ensure that any paint or other liquids are all contained in leak proof containers. Once again try to place within plastic bags before placing in boxes to reduce the effect of any leaks or spills.
Ensure garden tools and equipment that are petrol driven are cleaned and drained of fuel.
Utilities (Telephone, Gas and Electricity). Ensure you have contacted your suppliers and advise them of your planned removal dates so they can obtain an accurate meter reading on the home you are about to leave and also to ensure the utilities are all connected on the home you are moving in to. It is also a good idea to keep a record of the meter readings for your own records in case there is an issue later on.

Keep all your essential items together in a suitable box for the day of the move. These will include things like your credit cards, keys, wallets, mobile phones,medication, etc etc. This box of essential items can be carried by the Australia Wide Furniture Freighters or it can be carried in your vehicle for ease of access. 

Remember to cancel any deliveries you may be receiving at your existing home. Also arrange with Australia Post for mail redirection if desired.
Australia Wide Furniture Freighters work in all areas and on all types of homes and offices, good access to your premises is always best, but we understand that sometimes access can be difficult. Where possible please clear any obstructions that can be cleared and inform neighbours of the date for your planned move so that they may assist by keeping the road clear of parked cars etc.
coastal furniture removals tips for packing and preparing for the big move

coastal furniture removals tips for packing and preparing for the big move

coastal furniture removals tips for packing and preparing for the big move

coastal furniture removals tips for packing and preparing for the big move
coastal furniture removals tips for packing and preparing for the big move